important things to know

Level of Investment Required

There is an initial franchise fee of $35,000 plus (G.S.T) required for the opening of your Encore store, due upon siging the Franchise Agreement. The investment required to develop an Encore store ranges from $200-$400K depending on the site location, size and style of fixtures and fittings.

An ongoing Franchise fee of 4% of net sales is payable monthly, together with 4% of net sales being contributed towards a marketing fund aimed at maintaining brand awareness with customers.


Encore Pizza does not offer any type of financing to franchisees.

Store Operation

Encore expects franchisees to work in their stores full time as owner operators in view of giving their business the possible chance of success. 

How Much Will I Earn?

Encore cannot predict the earnings for Franchisees. The success of an individual store is based upon a variety of factors including the operational and customer service standards required to be maintained by Franchisees.

Encore Pizza provides structured training prior to store openings and ongoing operational and marketing support to it’s Franchisees.